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Hi, I'm Mikayla. My love for making women feel beautiful began in college when I worked in a prom store trying to make a quick buck.  From there my passion for bridal, customer service, and leadership blossomed.  On my days off you can find me at the dog park or brunching with my friends.  If I were to be a dress, I would be a bridal jumpsuit. 



Marketing and Social Media Director

Hey! My name is Crosby and I’m the marketing/social media director for Ivory Bridal Co! If i’m not at the shop you will probably find me at the local Target buying anything and everything or obsessively shopping for literally any and every piece of black clothing. Wine is my go-to drink (duh), I use way too many emojis when I text, Gemini living, and the wedding dress style that i'm most obsessed with would be simple and timeless aline gowns with a modern twist. I love black, tan, and blush gowns and i'm loving that puffy sleeves are coming back. 




Hi, my name is Micah! I'm originally from Alabama, but moved to Minnesota in 2020 and started working with Ivory Bridal Co in June of 2021. I love working in bridal because it combines different specific elements of fashion and design, things i've always been interested in and love. In my spare time, I love to draw, design, and spend time with my friends. If I had to pick a dress to describe me, it would be Monet because it combines classic and traditional aspects with modern and contemporary details. 




Hi, my name is Ilissa! I've been with Ivory for over a year now. I love making custom changes to a dress to make it specifically unique for each bride. Fashion and design are some of my passions, along with bad reality tv, trying new restaurants, and cats. My favorite dress is Shangela by Colby John. Can't wait to work with you!



Customer Experience Specialist

It's ruff being a specialist, but I make sure that every bride who comes in knows I am here to help. You can find me bathing in the sun and chasing my brother, Cooper.



Customer Experience Specialist

I make sure that everyone who comes in gets the support they need. I love to show my support with kisses and cuddles.


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